How To Increase RAM On Laptop For Free!


It is not easy to buy RAM and increase the capacity of your laptop. However, there are ways with which you can increase your RAM without actually buying it. RAM is the hardware component of a PC or a laptop. All data set in your laptop or PC is typically stored in the RAM.

It acts as an operating system for the files and programs that are stored. There are several ways with which you can increase RAM. Read on to learn some of the tips on increasing RAM without buying it.

Is It Possible To Download RAM And Increase The Capacity Of The Laptop?

Well, technically, RAM cannot be downloaded. It is important to have concepts clear before getting into the nooks of fitting external RAM. RAM cannot be downloaded. It is not software that can be installed and run as an application. No method can increase your RAM from 4GB to 8GB or 8GB to 16GB.

You still go through the same performance of your system without actually purchasing it and fitting it into your computer. Information that advises downloading RAM to increase your system capacity are gimmicks and do not have a strong background supporting such work. 

This guide will share ways with which you can free up your RAM, give your laptop a little boost and also save some space for applications in the future.

Why Increase RAM After All?

The memory of a laptop or a computer is physical memory, commonly known as Random Access Memory (RAM). In addition to that, the system also has virtual memory. 

RAM does not act as the permanent storage for the system. Instead, it acts as a hard disk drive acting as a storage compartment for all your data and programs.

When you start a program, the computer processor releases a command to retrieve the program from the hard drive. In such a case, the RAM retrieves the files, and the system manipulates the data to allow you to interact with the program on the screen of the system. 

The digital countertop processing the entire work enabling you to interact with the software is your RAM. Your system places your program in the RAM not permanently but until you need to operate. The program can access the files.

It is this way when you require the programs or the files, you access the information faster and easier.

The importance of increasing your RAM comes into place when your system is burdened with programs and files, but the space is relatively small. The more RAM your system has, the larger is the digital countertop and faster your programs will run. 

If your system lacks RAM, it will be comparatively slow while working, also restricting the files and programs to open when you need. You will then try to increase the virtual memory because it is relatively cheaper than the system memory.

However, it is always advised to add RAM instead of increasing virtual memory. It will help the processor to read data from the hard drive faster. The primary active use of RAM affecting the system performance is the speed and capacity.

Increase RAM For Free

Let’s check out the ways to reduce the amount of RAM you’re using and also increase space without buying an external device. You do not have to follow the steps regularly. Most of the time, you can use them when in need, especially when you notice a problem. 

Restart Your Device

This one step is familiar to all laptop and PC users. Of course, popularity is for a reason. Restarting the device completely clears the RAM and initiates the application processes all over again. 

The process does not increase the maximum available RAM; however, it cleans unwanted processes running in the background, along with any system backlink that might have been broken.

Often when too many applications run in a system, it starts eating the memory. Restarting the computer regularly helps it from getting bogged down, especially if you are using it all the time.

Close Unwanted Applications

While using a laptop is a common phenomenon. There are lots of applications mistakenly opened because of the trackball usage. For example, if you have Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome icons side by side, you press on Mozilla Firefox while opting for Google Chrome as a browser. 

After that, when you start working on Google Chrome, you probably miss out on closing Mozilla Firefox, and suddenly after some time, the system starts restricting speed. As such, a lot of applications unknowingly running in the background cause issues.

Some of the common applications include a notepad, calculator, excel sheets, Microsoft Word documents, or too many browsers. You can probably go to the task manager by clicking on control, alt, delete and end each of the application processes which are not required at the moment. 

Monitor RAM Usage With Windows Tools

Yes, that’s correct. 

Windows itself offers tools that can help you monitor processes, performance, user details, and services of your RAM just by clicking the control, shift, and escape shortcut, this will open the Task Manager. Once the popup appears, click on more details, and you will be able to see the full utility. 

To check the usage of your RAM, click on the process tab and the memory header. All of the RAM usage occupied by different files, programs, and applications, are listed from least to max. If you require more information, you can press on the performance tab in the memory section.

The memory tab opens for the details which help you analyze applications automatically running in the background, slowing your system’s performance. In addition to that, you also get to check how much RAM you have for free. 

If you suspect to have a deep issue with the system, you can check for troubleshooting memory leaks on the internet and follow some of the steps for any existing problem.

Use Lighter Applications

On one hand, you want to free up your RAM, but the existing programs are necessary for your workflow?

Well, you can manage RAM in two ways. The first one is with using lighter application alternatives when possible. For example, if your system restricts capacity and speed while opening Photoshop, try using a smaller application like paint for minor edits. 

Photoshop is required but limit your usage unless there is something that you get done on Photoshop and for a long time. Pay close attention to the other programs running. End any existing software not actively working. 

You can also try bookmarking open browser tabs to read them later. Once done, you can simply close them to free up the RAM.

Check For Virus

The basics of using a PC or a computer is installing an antivirus program. If you do not have one, try to use the free version of any of the existing antivirus software. It is worth checking for malware on your PC. 

There are numerous stroke software’s stealing resources that do not take time to eat up your RAM. Rule out the possibility of a virus existing in your system and conduct regular checks.

How Much RAM Do You Need For Your Laptop?

Do you realize the difference between memory and RAM? How much do you think is enough for your system to work smoothly?

RAM is temporary storage. It allows data to be retrieved and read instantaneously. When you close a program or open a new one, it gets loaded into the Random-Access Memory of the system, unlike being permanently written on a hard drive. The requirement of your RAM entirely depends on the performance of your system.

There is no one size fits all solution. When it comes to RAM, it depends on the data storage of your programs. Instead of buying RAM, you can use the aforementioned tips to free up the existing RAM of the system and make your computer work smoothly. 

Without the smooth performance of your RAM, your system will not be able to retrieve and read data for an advanced processing task. As such, your system experience will be slow and difficult. It may also lead to a system crash due to overload. 

To allow your PC to accomplish more than one task instantaneously and simultaneously with the standard speed, it is important to have enough RAM available. Increasing virtual memory should always be the last option considered.

To Summarize

Keep a check on the above pointers and start exploring RAM limitations. You will realize how simple tasks enable greater shelf life of your device and also makes your work easy. 

If you are conducting your daily job on your laptop with huge stacks of data, presentations, programs, software running all at one time, it is a mandate for you to have a smooth working system. 

Else you will use count on meeting deadlines and also fail as a performer. Go ahead with the aforementioned tips and experience greater compatibility with your system.

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