How to Fix macOS Wants to Use the System Keychain

macos wans to use system keychain

As a Mac OS user, you must be familiar with the Keychain feature common to most versions of the said operative system. It works as a password manager. Its main function is to keep your passwords from different apps in the same place securely.

Although this feature has been providing the users with efficiency throughout the years, there is a common error that many people have dealt with at least once throughout their lives, and the reason why you’re reading this article. The “… wants to use the Login Keychain” can change how the program functions and your laptop’s performance overall.

As long as this error keeps appearing, you will not be able to use any of your laptop’s features as the same pop-up will appear multiple times.

If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t panic. You would encounter detailed instructions on how to perform each method if the previous one did not work.

Why does this error appear?

Multiple reasons why your laptop may be showing up this error exist. As per usual, the pop-up may appear whenever a particular app or program wants to access that password. It’s not rare for the message to appear once or twice every time you turn on or restart your laptop or device you’re using. 

However, if the message starts appearing multiple times and refuses to disappear, it’s time for you to take action and fix it.

Some people think the reason for this dialog box to appear may be a virus, but it could also be an error. Whatever the reason is, you should get it fixed to continue using your device with no hesitations.

Fixing the “macOS Wants to Use the Login Keychain” error.

There are four methods you can use to solve the problem. We’ll describe each one with access instructions for everyone.

Deactivate the keychain auto-lock.

As per usual, most features work a bit differently in Mac OS than in other operative systems. It is no different for the auto-lock feature. If you do not use it for a determined period, it will be locked automatically. 

However, instead of showing a screen lock where you can press enter for it to disappear immediately, you’ll have to write your password as the Keychain will request it.

You can deactivate this feature by following these steps:

  1. Go to the “Applications” tab and search for the “Keychain Access Utility” feature.
  2. Right-clock on the “login Keychain.” Then choose the option for changing the settings.
  3. A pop-up with two options will appear. Both of them should be deactivated.
  4. It’s possible for you to maintain the settings. If that’s what you want, go to the “Keychain Access Performance” tab.
  5. There, visit the general section. You will see there is an option, “show keychain status in the menu bar.” You must activate it.
  6. If the feature is activated, you’ll notice that the Keychain’s menu will be available for closing or opening at any time.

Use the Keychain First Aid.

This feature should also help you fix the problem in a few steps. You can access the Keychain First Aid by going to the “Keychain Access Performance” tab and clicking on the First Aid option.

After that, you’ll notice that a window with multiple options will appear. The last three options should be activated. Then, it is necessary for you to go to the first aid panel. You can do this if you press Command + A. You will be able to run the “first aid verification” after that, and the feature will troubleshoot your issue automatically.

Remove the iCloud Keychain.

If you’re using this feature, then the syncing feature between Apple devices may be causing the issue. We recommend resetting the password for your iCloud Keychain as it may solve the problem quickly.

You must go to iCloud and change your password. Since it is synced in all devices, it will include the Keychain too. If the process were done successfully, you’d see how the problem is nowhere to be found.

Try resetting the local login keychain.

If nothing else has worked, this option may do so. Follow these steps:

  1. Use your laptop to access the keychain feature. Go to the preferences tab.
  2. There, you’ll see an option, “reset My Default Keychain.”
  3. Confirm that you want to perform this action. Wait a few moments, and the program will finish automatically.
  4. The Keychain feature is useful in some instances, but it’s known to cause problems often. You can use some of these methods to solve them.
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